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In an effort to keep our mountain homes safe, the Duck Creek Ridge Board of Directors partnered with Kane County Sheriff’s office, Cedar Mountain Fire Department, and Forest Service is taking a proactive position regarding the clearing and maintaining of homeowner lots. The Vegetation Management Plan Defensible Space Standards is the accepted model members should work with.

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Home prevention tips What you can do to protect your home:

Duck Creek fuels What the Forest Service and its partners are doing to protect forest resources and Private property in the greater Duck Creek area From Wildfire:

Shingle Fire Impacting Duck Creek Fuels saves multiple homes:

New Harmony Utah Fuels Reduction Saves Multiple Homes:

The Last two videos show how Fuels treatment aided firefighters in the full suppression of two potentially catastrophic wildfires. Please let me know if these links work if not I’ll try something else but they should work. I know Swains Creek HOA was Able to put them on their site with no issues.

Hello just a little update from the Forest Service. I hope you had a great new year and a good break. The last two weeks the Forest service has burned another 244 acres of slash piles on Duck Creek Ridge Bringing the total completion for the Duck creek fuels project to 9,142 completed fire resistant acres. It has almost been a decade of this fuels project and we are now in the final stages and hope to be fully completed within 2 or 3 years. We greatly appreciate the residents of all the greater Duck Creek area for their continued patience. Also the Forest Service will have a portion (600 Acres) of the dead spruce on the south side of Navajo lake removed VIA helicopter logging this summer much the same as was done at midway several years ago. More info on that will come as I get it.

Bode Mecham
Fire Prevention Office
Cedar City Ranger District
Dixie National Forest